Hi, I’m Samantha Brightwell…

I’m a specialist in digital marketing and online business. I help coaches & consultants promote themselves successfully online, so they can attract their ideal clients and get the kind of business growth they need and want to have.


This is how it works…

  • Laser Focus. Together we’ll make sure that your message is clear and strong, so that your ideal client can easily understand the benefits of working with you.
  • Winning Content. I’ll show you how to create content that raises awareness and builds trust, things like ebooks, newsletters, quizzes, blogs.
  • Social Strategy. We’ll work out which is the right channel to promote your business and optimize your approach to get the best results, generating leads and developing relationships with your audience.
  • Essential Systems. I’ll introduce you to automation and sensible systems that will make things easier and faster… enabling you to spend more time on your core activity, and less time trying to get work.

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