Feeling Optimistic For 2020

Feeling Optimistic For 2020

Can you believe there are only 80 days of this year left? How you feel about the passage of time is a pretty good indicator of whether you’re on top of your goals. 

Sometimes, ‘goals’ can feel a little too anxiety-inducing for me, and so I focus on ‘hopes’ instead. I had high hopes for 2019, and, whilst I haven’t achieved some of what I thought I would get round to, there’ve been successes, too.  

Reframing your expectations is an essential tool for aligning yourself with the energy of acceptance, when you’ve lived through disappointments and setbacks. 

You have to work hard to keep moving forward with optimism, rather than see unrealized goals as failure.   

It’s about changing tack slightly, midstream. Being responsive to the shifting breeze and the forces around you. Because some of those forces are out of your control. 

I think it’s also important to keep redefining your goals, or honing the vision of what success means to you. Twenty years ago, ‘succeeding’ as a writer meant publishing a book, to me. Now it’s something different. And I don’t feel it’s a smaller vision than it was. 

For instance, when I write fiction, I’m focused on short stories rather than a novel. Short stories are far more niche and less likely to make you into a famous author (if that’s your dream) but I love the art of writing for the short. And it suits my attention span better than the level of concentration required to finish a novel. 

I’m also pressing on with the challenge I’ve set myself to keep publishing to Medium, which will be an ongoing goal for 2020. 

I published 2 pieces on Medium this weekend, and one of them has been curated but the Medium editors, and I’ve been invited to submit it to a publication called The Startup. 

This is it, if you’d like to read it: Learn To Love Your Practice
(this is the Friend Link, which means you can still read it, even if you’re not a member of Medium). 

Funnily enough, the piece that I prefer is this one: If You Don’t Have Time To Read. It’s more personal, and more ‘writerly’, which made it more satisfying to write. [UPDATE: this piece got curated a day later, in 2 categories]

Observing what gets curated and what doesn’t is an interesting learning curve. I imagine I will try to write a mixture of articles that will meet my own preferences and still get curated from time to time. 

My goal for 2020 is to make a good full-time living from writing. 

There! I’ve said it now. 

Leave a comment and let me know what your goal, or your hopes, for next year are going to be. 

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